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What is Bankin?

Bankin is an innovative approach that provides a way to pay for services without using coin or paper currency. The app is useful in eliminating needless administration and saves time.

Modern independent payment system
Electronic wallet for fiat and cryptocurrencies
Instant payments and receipt of money in different currencies
Face to Face payments w/ QR codes
Sending money by popular chating apps (Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, iMessage)
Instant Currency exchange
Currency exchange user biding
Existing bank account integration (based on psd2)
Integration of your VISA/MasterCard for in-store payments
Grouping payment by categories, more control over expensies
Payments in restaurants, hotels, taxis between people and so on.

What brings Bankin to business sectors?

Bankin is a next-generation payment technology that encrypts and protects all the data of the users. We make sure that our app security system meets or even beats the current business security standards.

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Referral marketing

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Loyalty program for returning clients

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Community shopping and cash back

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Printed vouchers for food, clothing and various forms of employee compensation

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Identify your products and services by QR codes for direct shopping

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No need POS terminal, mobile phone replaces POS terminal

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Business page included in web and mobile application

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Electronic shop payment gateway plugin for existing e-shops

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Integration API (for example SAP integration)

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White labeling for VIP clientss

Bankin solutions

Bankin is a seamless payment option that makes the payment process hassle-free.

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Now you can use your Digital Payment App to pay for your lunch and food items with just a few clicks on your smartphone.

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Hotel Vouchers

Our highly secure payment option will make your every transaction valuable as you can avail assured vouchers and discounts for hotel bookings.

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E-shop Payments

Enrich your online shopping experience as you can use this app to pay for clothes, food, tickets, and so much more.

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Own Currency

You can send and receive payments from your friends, family, and others using a mobile number or barcode scanner.

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P2P Loans

Connect with the most trusted peer to peer lending platform and interact with lenders and borrowers directly.

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For Employees

Employees can pay for their meals in a more efficient and easier manner than before with this payment gateway app.

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Gastro Vouchers

The app offers perfect Gastro gift vouchers to its users which they can use when they most need them.

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Crypto Wallet

Ensures safety against fraudulent access as all the app data is encrypted on Bankin servers.

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With Instant Currency exchange app you can send and receive cryptocurrencies between blockchain network members.

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